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Livin' Large Van Club


uys who drive vans have long dipsticks

4 score and um 1 year ago we started this van club with one thing in mind to have the best vans in the world but with great wisdom from oldschool vanners we relized it does not take a 120k van to be a great vanner it takes heart and determination and the will to keep going when ever another piece of rust falls off and you dont have the money to get a new paint job till spring You just keep a stiff upper lip and keep driving because you know deep down in the cockels of your heart you are with the elite you are a VANNER!
So keep your head up and keep one hand on the steering wheel and one on your dipstick and remeber this one thing! GUYS WHO DRIVE VANS HAVE LONG DIPSTICKS (direct quote from Dweezal)



This is GOD FATHER HAROLD he is the oldest living member of the LLVC.
He is the oldest, the wisest and the hornyest basterd we know.  And we all love him and worship him.

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